MAXSCEND RF Front-End Products Can Be Used in Satellite Communication Terminals

2024/07/10 10:53:28 4

Yes, MAXSCEND's RF front-end products can be applied to satellite communication terminals.

On October 31, 2023 and June 13, 2024, MAXSCEND said on the interactive platform that the company's RF front-end products can be applied to satellite communication terminals.

MAXSCEND was founded in 2012, mainly provides RF front-end discrete devices and various module products such as RF switches, RF low-noise amplifiers, RF filters, RF power amplifiers, etc., and also provides low-power Bluetooth microcontroller chips to the outside world. Its products are mainly applied in the field of mobile smart terminals such as smart phones, and also applicable to satellite communication terminals, smart wearable, communication base stations, automotive electronics, Bluetooth headsets, VR/AR devices and Netcom networking equipment and other fields that require wireless connectivity.

Specific application scenarios of MAXSCEND RF front-end products in satellite communication terminals include, but are not limited to, the following:

Satellite navigation: For example, in various satellite navigation systems, like GPS, BeiDou, etc., its related products include GPS LNA (low noise amplifier) and GPS filter, etc.

Satellite mobile communication: used to realize communication between satellite and mobile terminal, such as voice calls, SMS, data transmission, etc.

Satellite Radio and Television: Receiving satellite TV signals, enabling users to watch satellite TV programs.

Satellite Internet of Things (IoT): supports IoT devices to transmit data and communicate via satellite, realizing functions such as remote monitoring, control and data collection.

The application scenarios of satellite communication terminals will continue to expand with technological development and market demand. MAXSCEND has indicated that it has carried out relevant technical reserves and product planning for satellite communications, and will continue to pay attention to the development of the industry in the future, combined with the technical reserves, and launch the corresponding technologies and products in a timely manner according to customer demand and market changes.

However, the company's current RF front-end products are mainly used in smart phones and other mobile smart terminals, applied to satellite communication terminals and other areas of product revenue accounted for a relatively small. At the same time, the company is also actively expanding communication base stations, automotive electronics, netcom networking equipment and other downstream applications.

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