What are the technical innovation points of MAXSCEND's RF front-end products?

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MAXSCEND is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, focusing on research, development, production and sales in the field of RF integrated circuits, mainly to provide the market with RF switches, RF low-noise amplifiers, RF filters, RF power amplifiers and other RF front-end discrete devices and various types of module product solutions, while the company also provides low-power bluetooth microcontroller chip.

The company's RF front-end discrete devices and RF module products are mainly used in smart phones and other mobile smart terminal products, customers cover the world's major Android phone manufacturers, but also can be applied to smart wear, communication base stations, automotive electronics, Bluetooth headset, VR/AR equipment and netcom networking equipment and other areas that require wireless connectivity. The company's low-power Bluetooth microcontroller chip is mainly used in smart home, wearable devices and other electronic products.


The company insists on independent research and development of core technology and resource platform construction, with the development of 5G communication technology, the company has become one of the few domestic RF solution providers against the international leading enterprises.

Some of the technical innovation points of MAXSCEND's RF front-end products include:

  • Launch of high-frequency products and RF modules suitable for 5G communication standard sub-6GHz: helps to meet the growing communication demand in the 5G era.
  • Adoption of LFEM products with differentiated IPD filter solutions: their overall performance indexes can be compared to international advanced levels, with multiple advantages such as small design stack size, debugging flexibility, low cost, and sufficient production capacity, as well as better performance in terms of insertion loss, out-of-band attenuation, temperature drift, and power-capacity characteristics, which have been widely noticed and highly recognized by the market since their launch. This type of product has already realized the scale shipment in end customers.
  • With the ability of comprehensive layout of RF front-end products: from RF discrete devices to the receiving end module, and then to the transmitting end of the RF module products, the product line is constantly expanding. For example, the company has basically finalized the production and research process of RF switches and low-noise amplifiers, and has launched module products with integrated IPD filters and suitable for the 5G NR band, such as LFEM (diversity receiver module with integrated RF switches, low-noise amplifiers, and IPD filters), L-PAMiF (master transceiver module with integrated RF power amplifiers, RF switches, IPD filters, and low-noise amplifiers), etc. The company has also developed a comprehensive layout of RF front-end products: from RF discrete devices to receiver modules to transmitter RF modules, our product line has been expanding. L-PAMiF (main set transceiver module, integrated RF power amplifier, RF switch, IPD filter, low noise amplifier), etc.
  • Independent wafer fabrication: The company's self-produced SAW filters and high-performance filters have been mass-produced, and their wafer fabrication will be done independently by the company.

With the rapid development of RF front-end technology, MAXSCEND is continuously increasing its technological innovation and R&D efforts in order to maintain its leading position in the local market.

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