Return Policy
In the case of returns, we will make a replacement (or refund) if there is inventory, and a refund if there is no stock.
The price of the product is fixed. We do not accept warranty that exceeds the price of products. The maximum of the warranty cost is not higher than the product price.The warranty period for the product starts when the product arrives at the customer.
Please note that the following situations can’t be applied to the 365 days warranty:
(1) In the case of customer taking the wrong usage, and causing problems by modification or disassembly;
(2) Problems caused by natural disasters such as fires, flood damage, and lightning strikes.
(3) After the purchased product is resold to a third party, it is attributable to the customer if it is faulty or damaged due to carelessness, error or other reasons, or if it fails or is damaged in combination with other products; Failure/damage caused by natural disaster/fire failure/damage and connection to unspecified power supply (voltage, frequency) or other external factors is not included in the 365 day warranty.
(4) We do not take any responsibility for indirect damage caused by product failure. In addition, please be clear about this: any damage caused by intentional or significant negligence, or mechanical moving components, etc., is not covered by the warranty.
(5) Product delivery delays, accidents, purchased goods do not meet the customer's purpose, useless, compatibility issues, failures, etc.
Return Process:
Send Return Request to RMA Service Department - RMA Service Department Approves Validity - Get RMA Code - Fill Out RMA form - Return item attached to the RMA form - Return the payment within 7 days after receiving the package
Can I return or replace the products?
If there is something wrong with the product we delivered, we will accept the replacement or return of the product only when all of the below conditions are fulfilled:​
(1)There are any problems with the product we delivered, such as a deficiency in quantity, delivery of wrong items, and apparent external defects (breakage and rust, etc.), and we acknowledge such problems.
(2) In the case of shipping damaged, insufficient, incorrect delivery items in the package, please notify us within 7 days after the product is delivered.
(3) In the case of apparent external defects (crack and rust, etc.), please notify us within 365 days after the product is delivered.
The product is unused and only in the original unpacked packaging, and is reasonably stored in an ESD environment.
* Acceptance of the return or replacement of the product is at our discretion.
What should I do if I want to return or replace a product?

(1)Inform us within 365 days
Please contact a Corporate RMA representative , preparing to provide relevant information, including a.A copy of one of the following: Invoice, Date of Shipment, PO Number, or Sales Order Number b.A brief description of the problem for the return
* For returning defective products,please provide relevant reports from the authoritative third-party testing organization to help us review the returning information.All materials/information for returns will be audited for validity prior to the authorizing return.
(2)Obtain Requesting Return Authorizations(RMAs)
If the materials are authentic and valid, the RMAs number will be sent to the parties by the Corporate RMA Department. RMA numbers are valid for 30 days from the date of issue. RMA Numbers ensure that returned products will be properly credited to the Customer's account. Products returned without authorization numbers will be returned to the sender. No returns may be made for any reason without a Return Authorization number issued by Seller.
Return Warm reminder
(1)Please provide a copy of your original purchase order when requesting a return.
(2)Product must be returned with original packaging and labeling to help our investigation and processing.
(3)Your account will be credited when product returns are received and verified by our Distribution Center.
(4)If you receive damaged product with visible damage to external shipping containers, please report the damage to the carrier at the time of receipt. Please contact the Weyland Electronics Sales Office with details of the damage.
(5)Product must not have been purchased with an NCNR agreement (Non-Cancelable, Non -Returnable) or be classified as CSP (Customer Specific Product).
(6)Returned products must be undamaged and be in the Original Manufacturers sealed Packaging or Weyland sealed packaging to ensure that there has been no possibility of physical damage, Electrostatic Discharge Damage (ESD) or exposure to moisture (especially important on Dry Packed SMT product). Weyland product labeling must be in place so that we have clear traceability to our original shipment.
(7)Products are deemed accepted by customers unless the customer notifies Seller in writing within 365 days of delivery of product shortages, damage or defect.
(8)Only products originally shipped from Weyland will be returned to Weyland.
(9)The return products should be in the original packaging and in unused condition (except defective). ESD or moisture sensitive products should not be opened except under controlled conditions
(10)Some products may require that they be returned directly to the manufacturer.
(11)All manuals, accessories and packaging that the product originally came with.
(12)The RMA number must be written visibly on the outside of the shipping carton.
For more information or questions on product return requests please contact our Customer Service
Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement for more details.
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